Welcome to the conversations from the Top Step of the dugout with former Major League Pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith and Grant Balfour


Former MLB Players Grant Balfour and Ryan Rowland-Smith talk about what it's like playing in a snowed out World series, their favorite commentators Australia's Freedom day and much more! 

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Former MLB pitchers Grant Balfour and Ryan Rowland-Smith discuss Grants 6 MLB Post Seasons, the moments and the meltdowns on his way to the World Series. We also hear the story of the most not so epic bummer of a speech of Ryan's career. Also the Aussie 'word of the day', growing up playing baseball in Australia in 'That's Grouse' and more! 

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Former MLB Pitchers Grant Balfour and Ryan Rowland-Smith discuss everything from flawed  Baseball economics to their best and worse travel recommendations when visiting down under! 

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MLB Pitchers Grant Balfour and Ryan Rowland-Smith break down the dugout biffo between Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr last week.

We also hear the epic RA Dickey swimming the river story, an aussie movie review and much more! 

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September 21, 2021

S3 E3 MVPs & Mad Mondays.

Ex MLB pitchers dive into the American league MVP race, the guidelines to an epic walk out song and...

Is Mad Monday facing extinction? 

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Ex MLB pitchers Grant Balfour and Ryan Rowland-Smith dive into what it's like pitching In Playoff runs, September Call ups and big Aussie Icons, no not Crocodile Dundee, literally BIG Aussie icons along the Pacific Highway. We have baseball news, we have epic stories we have a ton of much needed laughs! 

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September 9, 2021

S3 E1Welcome back mate!

We are back!

Please welcome MLB All Star and hello Aussie Grant Balfour. 

We welcome it back, discuss Miguel Cabrera and his 500 HR's.

Justin Verlander? Will he get 300 Wins and does it still mean something?? 

We need your help! name our all new Aussie segment! 

It's good to be back! 

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Seattle Mariners catcher Tom Murphy dive into all sorts of topics, the new rule changes in the Minor leagues that we possibly could see in the MLB very soon. Including shift limitations and robo umps and how they will change the art of catching as we know it! 

Tom as had an amazing journey to be an everyday catcher and I'm so excited to have this epic conversation! 

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Enjoy this episode as Tom Murphy joins me on The Top Step. 

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Seattle Mariners Joey Gerber and I have a bunch of laughs, dive into analytics, team mates and living with our parents! Making his MLB debut last year after being a walk on in college throwing 86, he gives me an honest assessment of what it takes, whats it like to be in the shoes of a 23 year old rookie! 

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Enjoy this episode as Joey Gerber joins me on The Top Step. 


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Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Nick Margevicius went from being let go from the Padres to being a break out prospect in the middle of the mariners rotation. He is currently competing for a spot in the 6 man rotation in spring training, We dive into the up's and downs in his younger career and everything in between! 

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